Emperor Shen Nong discovers a tasty drink

Shen Nong loved trying out new herbs. Some plants are ancient companions of humanity. They have become so connected with what it is to be a human, to think like a human, to experience like a human, and to be a vital human, that they are part of the human story itself. Of these plants […]

Tea of the Month: Supreme Jasmine Silver Needle

The Holiday season is upon us in the west and we are moving into a time when we have friends and relatives visit and stay with us for conversation and celebration. In China it is common to offer guests when arriving a warm cup of supreme Jasmine tea. Jasmine tea is very refreshing and not […]

Why we use Chota Tingra Assam

tea ethics means sourcing good tea and good people Ethical tea is important to us. Whenever we eat and drink, we are making a choice about the world we want to live in. Do we want to live in a world that is poisoned and relies on underpaying laborers on behalf of rich corporate interests? […]

The story of Gong Ting Puerh

Puerh tea is a world unto itself. It is esoteric and mysterious. The flavors entice and repulse. Within the tea world Puerh is perhaps the most enigmatic of teas. The health benefits are outstanding yet poorly understood. The Processing style is shrouded in mystery and lore as well as deception. To dive into Puerh is […]

The origins and history of yellow tea

Huo Shan Huang Ya is a yellow tea that comes from Anhui province. Yellow tea is a class of tea that is similiar to a green tea, but processed in a different manner. The method of processing involves wilting, heating, covering in cloth to allow the tea to reabsorb its essential aromas and flavors, then […]