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Be smarter, drink tea

Be smarter, drink tea. Modern life is incredibly stressful. The plant Camellia Sinenses, tea, is an extraordinary ally for humans in journeying through modern life. The health benefits of tea in dealing with many of the illnesses that plague our health are quite extensive. There is research on how it prevents and helps fight cancer […]

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Tea connects people.

Tea Connects People Our philosophy is that every cup of tea is a connection between people. This philosophy extends from start to finish when it comes to a drinking a cup of tea. For us tea is sacred. It is ritual. It is art. It is spirit. We seek to manifest visibly the ritual of […]

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Great chai requires a great assam

Chai requires a great Assam One of the keys of success for our chai is the quality of tea we use. Chai literally means tea in Hindi. Our ingredients our 100% organic and that includes the most essential part of the chai, the tea. What kind of tea makes a good chai? When you drink […]

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How to judge tea like a Zen Master!

How to judge tea If you have discovered the marvelous drink known as tea, you have joined a great tradition thousands of years old. Drinking tea is like stepping into a great ocean. The tea world is vast. It is a challenge to know how to explore tea well. It is also a challenge to […]

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Oh Lawdy, it’s Iced Tea season

Iced Tea Iced Tea is perhaps a perennial all American drink. Yet, it is these dog days of summer, when fireworks grace the skies and fireflies flutter the fields eve that most reminisce of Iced Tea. The origin of this sacred Americana is shrouded in myth, but here I shall retell the tale. The Setting […]

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Quan yin appears everywhere to benefit

The origin of Tie Guan Yin

The Tea from Guan Yin In Fujian Anxi province in China during the time of the Qing dynasty, there lived a simple man named Wei Yin. He came from a tea farming family, but had great interest in the Goddess of Mercy. On his way to work in the tea plantations, he would pass a […]

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Old Tree Black Tea and the roots of virtue

Old Trees Old tree black tea is a black tea that comes from, wait for it, old trees. You might be wondering what is special about that. Old trees are no longer cultivated. They may have been cultivated a long time ago, but they are now growing without the aid of man. These trees are […]

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The art of tea helps cultivate wisdom

Tea and a cup of Zen

Zen A cup of tea. Meditative absorption. Becoming a cultured human being. Zen comes from the word 禪 (dʑjen), which is a Chinese version of the word Dhyana. The English can be wrestled with, over tea, but rather than be boring let’s call it “meditative absorption free of subject and object.” You know, being in […]

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Moonstone Rooibos and the freedom loving Zebra

Zebras Moonstone Roobios totem is the Zebra. Zebras are social animals, but they have never been domesticated. The Zebra is a several species of African Equids, and you probably know they have stripes. The stripes of a Zebra are completely unique to every individual zebra, marking them as individuals. It is not know if they […]

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The art of tea is a method of self cultivation

The art of tea and becoming a cultured human

The art of tea and self reflection One of the practices of the art of tea is self reflection. If we are human we have a capacity for self reflection. Self reflection is a corner stone of being a healthy human. The greater your self reflection the more cultured you become. It is unique to […]

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