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Nourishing the soul with Dog Head Tribute Green Tea.

A leaf and bud of Dog Head Tribute Tea, after I enjoyed my third cup, of course.

The best green tea

The best green tea can run up to 3000 dollars a pound. That is out of many peoples price range, that is why I was thrilled to find Dog Head Tribute Tea.  This tea was introduced to me by Jerry-Zhou, whose family has been in the tea business for generations. It is a treasure tea, and was once given in tribute to the emperor of China. The name roughly translates from the Chinese as “Dog Head Tribute Tea”. It is called Dog Head because it is grown in the Nangling Mountains in southern Hunan, on a mountain that looks like a dog’s head. Here, tea has been cultivated and grown since the Song Dynasty (960-1279AD).

The legend of Dog Head Tribute Tea is that a young man from a village at the foot of the Dog Head Mountain, who of course drank this tea daily, showed unsurpassed intelligence and passed the Imperial Exams to become a scholar. This, of course, brought his family great honor. When he went before the emperor of China, he offered this special tea to the emperor. The emperor was delighted at the soft delicacy and rich flavor of the tea, and decreed this a tribute tea named “Dog Head”.

This tea is a special cultivar. It has long stems and a sweet and fruity fragrance. The liqueur is nutty, reminiscent of toasted cashews, it is delicate and smooth, yet produces a full and elegant mouth. Compared to other tea cultivars, the long stem variety found here produces less white pekoe.

How it is made

This particular tea is made from a bud and a leaf. It is very elegant and beautiful, and reminds one of how delicate life is, how life unfolds naturally without effort, and how in essence we are all fragile beings graced with the beauty of being human. The tea is dry fried at a gentle temperature to dry it, and then rolled softly to ensure even flavor. This is done three times with Dog Head Tribute tea.

Finally it is baked on a bamboo basket above smokeless charcoal to remove the last of the moisture. The whole process is one of mastery and care that has developed over a thousand years. Imagine that whenever you drink a cup, you are drinking 1000 years of delicate human tradition unbroken. This energy nourishes the soul and the mind.

We only have one and a half pounds of this tea, and are offering it in four ounce bags for $12. I recomend that you pour 180 degree water over this tea, and let it sit for 45 seconds, adding 15 seconds to the second pour and 15 seconds to the third pour. The flavor is very beautiful, and if you give it space, take a pause, and enjoy the moment, drinking this tea will help you feel centered and focused.

Best Wishes,

The Tea Master

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