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Old Tree Black Tea and the roots of virtue

Drink Old Tree Black Tea while contemplating virtue

Old Trees

Old tree black tea is a black tea that comes from, wait for it, old trees. You might be wondering what is special about that. Old trees are no longer cultivated. They may have been cultivated a long time ago, but they are now growing without the aid of man. These trees are old and being old they have deep and complex root system and pull it into the leaves. The result is subtle and delicious flavors that are high in minerals. The tea is smooth like a fine aged brandy.

Virtue is good

As I drink a cup of Old Tree Black Tea, my thoughts wander deeply. The Chinese have a philosophical system called Confucianism. It is not based upon belief in a higher power, rather it is based upon the view that society and individuals have a smooth happy existence if they practice certain sets of virtue. The emphasis is on family and social harmony. In the United States there is a good deal of social political upheaval right now. It seems the wealthy might night care for the poor, or the working class might have have bitterness to the wealthy. The poor maybe do not have great role models of virtue and so struggle to be happy without vice. Maybe modern society has something to learn from Confucianism.

I asked my children what is virtue. They answered it is doing the right thing for others. It also seems to have a positive feeling to it, like something you feel in the body. We gave a meal to a homeless man as an act of virtue, and my youngest son Loden said it felt really good inside.

Drink tea and feel good

Caffeine from coffee is more likely to make me angry. Caffeine from tea, like this Old Tree Black Tea I am drinking, does not make me angry. I believe this is a result of the GABA response one gets from drinking tea. It mellows the mind. When I lived in a Buddhist center, for a while the rule was no caffeine. Because there was a belief that it made the mind to agitated. I think Old Tree leaves do not agitate the mind, they bring a calm mellow sense to the body and being.

Confucius said some things about Virtue

He said there are five constants. They are: benevolence, justice, morals, knowledge, and integrity. These are accompanied by four virtues: Loyalty, Family Respect, Planning, and Righteousness. There is a lot to unpack there but my cup of Old Tree Black Tea has run out. In the future we can explore these words for the meaning of their ideas. It is interesting to note that when explaining benevolence, one of the examples is that it is a good physical feeling that arises from an act of virtue. This is just like Loden said.

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