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Sweet Thai Chai


Crafted & Brewed in Humboldt County, California, surrounded by the beauty and nature of the Sea and Redwoods. Thai Chai is sweet and smooth. Energizes and cools. Perfect with spicy foods and for romantic, erotic moments. Strong in anise and chocolate notes, with a smooth malt flavor. Embrace the exotic and decadent!


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Sweet Chai Thai is a unique chai blend that is a delicious Thai tea blend that is free of artificial colors and dies. It is meant to be served iced not heated and is a perfect drink anytime of the day.

This Product is Perishable: Shipped second day air and is frozen when shipped, it needs to be refrigerated immediately upon retrieval.

Recipe: Pour Planet Teas Thai Chai into a glass packed with ice, then add milk or cream on top. Watch the legs of the dairy run down into the glass, drink with pleasure and joy.

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