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The sun invigorates your morning chi through Bai Mu Dan, White Peony tea.

White Peony Tea is your sacred tonic for meditative clarity. The marvelous and exceptional drink known as tea is prepared in such a great variety of ways and methods. It is like our own lives, it distinct and with such variety. Even one individual lives a life of great variety in a single day. That day, today, will hold unknown twists and turns to challenge the hero within you. You will be called upon to face creatures in the hidden shadows, you will dance with joy, you will laugh with an open heart, and on occasion you might become lost in the deathly hallows for a brief moment, before finding your way back to the surface.

Invigorate yourself with Bai Mu Dan

Bai Mu Dan tea or white peony tea, is prepared in a very special way. In spring a leaf and a bud are plucked from old tea trees, they are then It sun dried. That means the energetic and healing rays of the sun, the source of all life on earth drench the tea leaves filling them with chi. Our Bai Mu Dan white tea is Fuding Da Bai style, which means the leaves are broad,  the shoots have plenty of white hair and it comes from northern Fujian province . White Peony is then set in the sun for three days, making it a true sun tea.

I have to be honest here, this tea is a challenge to make, it requires weather conditions  to be perfect for correct drying. An early rain, like bad news in the morning, spoils the entire batch. When the weather is right and the batch is perfected, then what you get is Bai Mu Dan.  The effect of sun chi in the leaves is very subtle, meditative, calming, and focusing. In Chinese medicine, white tea is considered cooling and soothing. In western medicine the antioxidant effects of white tea are considered top notch. Some have claimed white tea is low in caffeine. That is not always true, please read here for more on that fascinating subject.

The flavors of White Peony Tea

Our White Peony Tea is exceptional, and now it can be yours. The first step is to pour in  water, at 168 degrees, this will rinse the leaves with a quick bath and then pour out the water. This helps them to unfold and release their secret flavors. It is the preliminary act of seduction for the tea leaf. Then pour in another round of water, I suggest 180 to 190 degrees. Are you ready to taste the delicate flavors yet?

You should be patient, a minute of soaking in the bath will be good for the leaves, then sip. The flavors will unlock as the tender leaves begin to reveal themselves. They will drop their clothes and unfurl their arms and legs delicately revealing scents of honey, pepper, and melon for you take pleasure in. Do this again and again, for the leaves have completely succumbed to you. Every time you finish your cup, let the water sit for another 15 or thirty seconds, this allowing the tea to give you more and more. The tea wants to give you all of its flavor. You can enjoy the leaves 4 or 5 times this way.

Then it is on to your journey

Because you have enjoyed this delicious white tea for everything it has to offer. Then you can go on with your day. Your blood is filled with the essence of the sun, your mind is clear and unhurried. Your energy is unhurried. As you go on with the day you will uncover dark shadows and turn them into light, you will share your joy as a dance, and you will bring to the world the peace and balance that is you.

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