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Evening Rooibos

Tonight I am drinking Moonstone Rooibos tea. It is very refreshing, flavored with our special chai recipe. Rooibos tea is most satisfying at night, high in Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium it helps with getting a restful sleep. I enjoy it with a little cream.

Tonight there is protest against Donald Trumps regime again. I watch the protests and read the various words protesters and regime loyalist are saying and it makes my heart sad. In this world right now there are to many divisions. People are not looking hard enough for commonality of being. For instance, everyone enjoys a good cup of tea. I am drinking this Roobios just like a person in South Africa might drink Rooibos. Sure, I am drinking Moonstone Rooibos, they are drinking another brand, but it is all just drinking tea. We are all looking for happiness, simple pleasures and joy in life.

I think of the phrase Make the World Great Again, rather than Make America Great Again. Why do we only focus on our territory. We need to all care for each other as a species, rather than as countries or tribes. Nuclear weapons mean that if our territorial agreements ever get out of hand it is the end of civilization. Likewise humanity is rapidly effecting the ecosystem in a negative way. Diversity of environment and species is one of the delights of living on earth. We must all work together to make the world a better place.

As I drink this delicious Moonstone Rooibos Tea, I wish that everyone would find what they have in common, rather than look at the differences between them.

Moonstone Rooibos Chai – Organic Loose Leaf Tea (Tin)

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