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The delicacy of Green Tea requires mindful preparation

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Tea, the plant, Camellia Sinensis, is a small flowering shrub that is perhaps the most diverse single plant leaf in the world. You can prepare tea in so many refreshing ways because of its diversity. The preparation methods of the leaf before tea touches the water which will grace your lips results in the different types we drink. The different preparation yield the following styles yellow tea, or white tea, or if fried a little green tea, or if cooked black tea, or red tea, or if fermented Pu-erh tea. All are unique in their flavor, but must be treated in a different manner when served.

Green tea is a more delicate tea. It is like a young a lady, full of potential and sweet, full of stamina. But if its cooked under too much heat it becomes bitter. In modern society we are used to not thinking about things, everything is served to be consumed. When you prepare green tea for yourself there must be a pause. Boiling water can not be used on such gentle tea. It is too brutal for the tender leaves. The result is bitterness.

How to prepare your green tea

Many Americans think green tea is bitter. These are the uninitiated. They are different than you. You have learned that green tea should have water poured over its tender leaves no hotter than 185. After you pour the water over  the leaves, they should sit for no longer than a minute. Reduced to 30 seconds for a delicate spring green tea, like our Dog Head tribute tea. If you let the leaves sit in the bath of your tea cup too long, the flavor will become overbearing. You must treat green tea must be treated so gently, with so much love.

When you prepare your green tea, you are meant to love it like you are meant to love the world around you and every human you meet. The result will be all the delicious flavors will mingle and there will be no bitterness.  This is a very personal ritual for removing bitterness from your life.

A good green tea can have hot water poured over it three times, and will produce different flavors every time. Each cup will be rich, satisfying and refreshing. This is why our tea is loose leaf, it gives you the ability to pull the basket out and refresh it with up to three cups.

As a little amusement while you relish in  mastery and knowledge of how to serve green tea, here is a little story on how Lady Gaga loves tea.

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  • Whoaaa….looks like you took green tea way too seriously….JK, Nice article for tea lovers

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