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Moonstone Rooibos and the freedom loving Zebra

Feel the proud Zebra in you!

Moonstone Rooibos Chai Dry Mix


Moonstone Roobios totem is the Zebra. Zebras are social animals, but they have never been domesticated. The Zebra is a several species of African Equids, and you probably know they have stripes. The stripes of a Zebra are completely unique to every individual zebra, marking them as individuals. It is not know if they can tell each other apart by their stripes or not, but it would be great if they could! When I see these creatures I think of good-natured and relaxed, yet vital and strong beings.

I see them running through the tall grasses of the South African plains, herding across vast stretches of land, snorting as they raise their heads in defiance to the idea of being tamed. It is upon us to tame ourselves, but man do I hate to be tamed by others. Being true to your self in this life takes strength, but it is what gives us our stripes. Have you ever felt like bolting out of work, leaving your job behind forever and running through the Serengeti?


I cant say enough about this plant. I like every single tea we have, but our Moonstone Rooibos is one of the best after dinner drinks I have ever had. That is not a scientific double blind peer reviewed statement though. Here are some peer reviewed claims that are so solid I can post them in a blog. Rooibos is high in Calcium, Iron, Magnessium, Potassium, Copper, Manganese, and Zinc.

That is right,rooibos is going to make you an Iron man or an Iron Woman. Who would play you if there was a movie about an Iron Woman, it probably would not be Robert Downey Jr.. Rooibos is high in polyphenols, has no caffeine, and helps with hypertension. It has no oxcilic acid in it, so it does not promote kidney stones either. Traditionally it was used in South Africa to promote lactation and is considered so good for the skin it is said to benefit eczema.

Moonstone Rooibos,

We call it moonstone rooibos, because when you hold a moonstone up to the light, it has a rainbow like hue, and our rooibos blend is just like that. Did you know South Africa has trademarked rooibos, (just like champagne was trademarked). The story goes that some endeavoring Americans were so keen on its health benefits that they tried to trademark the name in the US, then later some French men tied the same. That’s when the government of South Africa said, “hey not so fast!”  and trademarked their national treasure plant. China should have trademarked tea in the 1571. Alas, South Africa got its trade mark though. Yes, our rooibos is from South Africa, its not that French kind.

Back to Moonstone Rooibos

Sorry for the digression. Our rooibos is crafted with cardamom, orange peel, cinnamon, ginger, and a few other things (not the kitchen sink though) to give it such an incredible flavor! Rooibos itself is bright, floral, and naturally sweet, but these spices make it too good to resist. It is like a rainbow hue of flavors! (hah, see what I did there.) The point is you can drink it anytime of day, it is totally satisfying, will not disrupt your sleep, and when will after a few weeks make you strong, independent, and awesome like a Zebra!

Moonstone Rooibos Chai – Organic Loose Leaf Tea (Tin)

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