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Mindfulness pause practice in your life through the art of tea

Between when you drink the tea, and pour in new water, there is a mindfulness pause.

Mindfulness Pause

Your practice of the mindfulness pause is a way of centering into your being. Modern life will do everything to pull you out of your being. You will be bombarded with advertisements, social media stimulus, and an endless minutia of things which must get done all day long. If you are a parent you will be bombarded by your children and all of their needs after they have succumbed to the above. The result is the day slips by very quickly with out any attention being given to the simple joy of being alive. This is what the mindfulness pause is for. It is to stop, relax, and enjoy being alive for for a moment. To do this all you really need is just to focus on your breath and rest in the moment. It is very hard to remember to do that though.

Tea, the time it takes to prepare a cup, to boil the water, to watch it fill the cup, and to see the leaves unfold in the water is a ritual. This ritual is not associated with any religion or philosophy, but it does bring a pause into your life. When you then sit down and drink the tea, you are going to stop the world for a second to enjoy flavor, breath and being.

The warm liquid is the warmth of your spirit. The flavor is the uniqueness of being you. Combine this with the inhalation and exhalation of your breath and suddenly you are brought into the wonderful moment. This is the mindfulness pause.

Center into your cup

When we contemplate the cup we see that it holds the liquid of the tea. This liquid is your life with all of its flavor. In the tea we drink we find bitter flavors and sweet flavors. Sometimes we drink iced tea and other times we drink hot tea. All of this is a metaphor for the flavor of our own lives. What rich lives we live, but to appreciate that rather than constantly react to it we need to practice the mindfulness pause.

Pausing before we react to news is incredibly helpful. It will save you a good deal of grief. Often our own instant reactions to difficult news, or even our own thoughts makes matters worse. Think about that.

Right now I am sitting down and drinking a cup of Dog Head Tribute Tea, and it is delicious. For the first time today I am relaxed and enjoying the beautiful spring sun light filter through the window. The flavor of the tea is smooth, sweet and refreshing. I have a friend in China who judges tea by how refreshing it is. That used to puzzle me, but when you start drinking good tea daily, not as wake up call, but rather as a mindful pause the meaning of this becomes clear.

So here is to your next cup of refreshing tea, may you truly enjoy it in a moment of mindful relaxation.

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