Assam Black Tea BOPF – 16oz



This tea is the foundation of our black tea blends and chai concentrates. Named after the region it’s indigenous to in India, Assam tea boasts a bold malty flavor most desired in breakfast teas.

A rich and refreshing Organic Assam from the Chota Tingra estate. I like this as a breakfast tea. Put it in your filter, and pour boiling water over it, because it is BOPF grade it will create a rich thick liqueur in 1-2 minutes so is perfect for your hurried morning routine. You may add sweetener or creamer to taste.

This estates 2016 tea a delightful balance of malt and flower, notes of blackberry, maple, and dry hay. Really, it is the epitome of a classic Assam.

BOPF is sometimes referred to as “tea bag cut” because it is the cut most often found in tea bags. As a loose leaf you are given control over exactly how much is in your cup, rather than a per-portioned factory bags worth. This allows you to make your perfect cup to taste every morning.

Additional information

Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 6 in


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