Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) 3 oz.


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Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) is perhaps one of the most famous of all Chinese black teas.  It has qualities that go beyond measure. It is named after the red scholars robe that was awarded to the most intelligent scholars of the Ming dynasty. This tea comes from Fujian province and is grown in the Wuyi mountains where it develops its extraordinary character of rich plum, cream, and floral flavors.

Our Da Hong Pao is from old trees that have aged at least 200 years. Tea trees that have attained this age are very special. They are natural and kept organic because they have survived all nature can throw at them. Their roots grow deep into the ground gathering subtle rare minerals that they pass on to you in their deep liqueur. This tea is rare and special, it will delight the casual drinker as well as the connoisseur.

This black tea is not generally served with milk or sugar, as it is naturally creamy and smooth.

How to prepare Da Hong Pao

Water temp: 200

Time in: 60 seconds, adding 45 seconds per pour

Pours per serving: 3 – 4

Food pairing: red meats, Poultry, dumplings, vegetables, soft cheeses and blue cheese, chocolate and sweet desserts

For a black tea with milk and sugar, the tea master recommends:



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