Jade Dragon gun powder tea 4oz



Delicious and full bodied green. The most popular green tea in the world.


Jade Dragon Gun powder tea

Green Jade Gun powder tea is a traditional gun powder tea. Gun powder tea is known in China as “Zhu Cha” which translates into pearl tea. Like Oolongs, the green tea leaves are rolled into tight little balls that resemble pearls. As the tea is steeped the balls unfurl into a beautiful and elegant leaf. Some speculation has been made that it is called gun powder tea because the tight pearls resemble gun powder. Another possibility for how it got its name is that it the phrase for “freshly brewed” is “gang pao de. This certainly sounds like gunpowder to the English ear. This green tea is sublime.

Our Green Jade starts out fresh with floral notes, then it extends into an ume butter experience filling the mouth, finally it ends with a spinach granite mineral flavor that lingers long on the tongue. It holds very well as its own green tea, and also combines exceedingly well with Mint and Sugar to make a traditional Maghrebi.

Currently we are offering the 2018 spring harvest from Fujian. I  prefer to serve this tea in 4 oz glasses as the color is very beautiful.  Pour the water at 175 F water into your teapot and let it sit for one minute. If you are going to make a Maghrebi, I would put in 4 mint leaves and two teaspoons of sugar into tea pot and muddle briefly the mint leaves into the sugar before adding the Jade Dragon. Warm your glasses then add the tea.

You can read about traditional Magrhebi here: Morrocan Mint Tea.

How to prepare Jade Dragon Green Tea

8 grams in a 16 oz tea pot

Water temp: 175

Time in: one minute for both pours

Pours per serving: 4

Time of day: morning til evening ( I drink it after dinner too!!!)

Food pairing:  fish, red meats, dumplings, vegetables, soft cheeses and blue cheese, fruits.

Nice Liqueur pleases the eyes while a fresh pleasant tower pleases the tongue



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