Old Tree White Tea (Gu Shu Bai Lu)



Old Tree White Tea

Gu Shu Bai Lu is prepared in much the same way as the Bai Mu Dan, or white peony tea that we carry. They are both white teas but they come from different regions. Gu Shu Bai Lu is cultivated in Yunnan province. We sell it in its cake form, which makes it suitable for aging. Right now we are offering the 2016, as a result of the aging the cake which has already begun to gain flavors from developing a vintage quality.

The process

The tea is made by plucking the leaves in spring, then naturally withering them in the sun. Then they are baked until completely dry. After this they are steamed to soften the leaves and pressed into the cake. The result is a tight cake that holds flavor, and actually gains flavor as it ages.

The flavor

This tea has strong honey as well as rich plum, as a result it is very rich. When you drink it the flavor is more of a brandy without the bite, for the first seven cups, then it mellows out into a smooth and refreshing tea. It is good for at least 10 infusions.

Unfortunately, there is a very limited supply remaining!

How to prepare Gu Shu Bai Lu

Water temp: 180- 200

Time in: 45 seconds, adding 15 per pour

Infusions per serving:10

Time of day:morning til evening

Food pairing: cold cut meats, pickles or vegetable dishes, soft cheeses, fruits, and finally deserts based on cake.

For a more full gentler white tea, I recommend Bai Mu Dan:




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