Organic Assam Matcha 50g


A sweet and malty Assam matcha.

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A rich malty assam matcha.

This is a culinary grade matcha made from Assam. The terroir and the cultivar of Assamica results in a malty and sweet drink.  The color is not a bright green like traditional sencha  matcha from Japan, rather it is a Loden Green, reflecting Assams thicker leaf style. The flavor is perfect for a fresh morning cup, an afternoon pickup, a green tea latte, a nutrition shake, or a cooking. The result is a smooth drink with a malty and sweet taste with less bitter than Japanese culinary matcha

Our organic Assam matcha comes from the Tingri estates in India and is a tremendous value as it has not yet been discovered by enthusiast.

Matcha is a superb health drink as when you drink it, it provides all of the nutrition of the tea leaf directly. In a cup of tea, about 15% of the polyphenols make it into the water, but with a matcha you get 100% of them!

Water Temperature: 175

amount per serving: 2 g

Preperation style: whisk! In a latte, or in a shake, or cook with it!

Food pairing: Cook with it or serve it with sushi.

For a lighter green tea:


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