Spicy Ginger Chai Case


2-Gallon Case

Crafted & Brewed in Chula Vista, California, surrounded by the beauty and nature of the California Coast. This chai is spicy and invigorating. Best in the early morning, or afternoon. Drink to energize your spirit and mind, strong in ginger, pepper, and clove notes. Perfectly balanced with 9 spices. Be healthy, energize, and revitalize!

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Currently we are not shipping this, it is only available at local grocers and cafe’s.

Hand-crafted and brewed with organic ingredients in Chula Vista, California, surrounded by the natural beauty of the sea and redwoods, this spicy ginger chai is bold and uplifting. Best in the early morning as an invigorating way to start your day, or as an afternoon pick-me-up. Strong in ginger, pepper, and clove notes, yet perfectly balanced with 9 spices, this chai concentrate* energizes the spirit and mind. Drink to be healthy, energize, and revitalize! NOTE: This item is the Spicy Ginger Chai Case (2 Gallons). See “Chai Quarts” for other sizing options.

*concentrated formula. Please use our recommended recipe (below) to start, then experiment to discover your exact preference!

This Product is Perishable: Shipped two days frozen. Refrigerate immediately upon retrieval.


-1/3 milk or milk substitute*

-2/3 chai concentrate

*Add hot water to taste if no milk or milk-substitute is preferred.

Spicy Ginger Chai Case (2 Gallons per case)



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