Tea Journey monthly box


A subscription to take you on a tea journey around the world and through the seasons. Our specially crafted and hand selected box will bring you a sampling of white, green, oolong, black, or pu-erh teas depending on the season.


Enlighten your senses with Planet Teas tea of the month box set.

Start your Tea Journey here with us. Discovering and tasting new teas is one of the delights of this plant. Here at Planet Teas we curate high quality terroir driven unique teas for your enjoyment. Enjoy the sublime spring teas of Fujian. Refresh yourself with exquisite Jasmine teas in the summer. Savor the deep tastes of Oolong teas in the fall and delight in the deep rich black teas of India and China in the winter. You will be trained in and slowly become a tea connoisseur with a delightful monthly package arriving at your door.

Each box will contain two one ounce packages of special high quality teas curated from small farmers throughout the world. The tea selections are specially picked by our Tea Master based on seasonality. The teas come with flavor notes, instructions for brewing, the story of the terroir, and suggestions for food pairing. All teas are paired with the appropriate season for your enjoyment.


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