“Tu” Long Jing 1oz


2019 Tu Long Jing. Delicate and tender old leaves from the Long Jing region, harvested in early spring.


“Tu” Long Jing is produced by hand. Harvested in late March or early April. Our Tu Long Jing comes from Simingshan Danxi Tea garden in Shengzhou. Tu means old. This Long Jing is crafted from a very old Cultivar of tea trees. Thus its flavor is a little bolder and the leaves are a brighter green. I would speculate this reflects the better nutritive value of the leaves, as the tea trees have deeper roots. When you compare this to other Long Jings the brighter green becomes noticeable.

The flavor is slightly sweeter and richer. There is less butter or almond oil flavors that you would find in the traditional Westlake Long jing. Instead the vital chi is strong and sweet nut grass dominates the flavor. A subtle sweet freshness then lingers on the tongue for minutes after words. It is enjoyable to sit on the couch and feel the linger slowly disappear, and thus engage your senses in the moment while drinking this tea. It is not to be rushed. The price reflects the value and richness this tea will add to your life.

Pairs well with dim sum, light cheeses, fresh fish, sushi, and summer grilled vegetables.

This tea should be prepared in the following manner for best results.

Water Temperature: 170

Steep time: 1 minute

serve in a glass or white cup

8 oz of water for one teaspoon of tea.

three pours.


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