Water box (Gong Fu tea tray)


Gong Fu tea tray for serving tea,

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This is a tea tray. In Mandrin its called Sheng Shui He translated as a water box. It is a tea tray in the Gong Fu tradition of tea ceremony or service. They are used to catch spilled tea or water as the tea is being prepared. They are commonly used with Gui Wans or Yixing tea pots to catch the over flow from serving tea. They add a unique perspective to the tea ceremony as being a square to contain the fluid of the tea. In this sense they provide structure and balance to your mindful meditative ritual of serving tea. They also help in preventing messes. Our Sheng Shui He are made from bamboo and elegantly constructed. They measure 13.5 inches long  by 9 inches wide by 2.75 inches tall.


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