Xihu West Lake Long Jing


XiHu Longjing is the best spring green out of China. Light, delicate, and sweet. A must drink tea every spring.

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Xihu is one of China’s premier teas and is considered to be the best Long Jing variety. For over a 1000 years Xi Hu Long Jing has been famous for its flavor and delicacy. It was mentioned in the first ever tea book ( The Cha Ching) by Lu Yu. When he wrote about tea during the Tang Dynasty. This tea was served to Queen Elizabeth II, former US President Richard Nixon, and Henry Kissinger on their visits to China and is a true Tribute tea

Xi Hu is now designated a protected area to ensure this tea can continue to be grown without environmental contamination. Only the spring tea harvested in early spring within the 168 sq km of Xi Hu area can be considered as Xi Hu Long Jing.

The flavor is sweet and the leaf uniformity is a light green. There is a slight chestnut taste and the liqueur is satisfying to the mouth. The lingering sweetness stays on the tongue for at least 10 minutes after drinking a cup.

Pairs well with dim sum, light cheeses, fresh fish, sushi, and summer grilled vegetables.

This tea should be prepared in the following manner for best results.

Water Temperature: 170

Steep time: 1 minute

serve in a glass or white cup

8 oz of water for one teaspoon of tea.

three pours.

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