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Emperor Shen Nong discovers a tasty drink

Some plants are ancient companions of humanity. They have become so connected with what it is to be a human, to think like a human, to experience like a human, and to be a vital human, that they are part of the human story itself. Of these plants there is one called tea. It so […]

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The art of tea helps cultivate wisdom

Tea and a cup of Zen

Zen A cup of tea. Meditative absorption. Becoming a cultured human being. Zen comes from the word 禪 (dʑjen), which is a Chinese version of the word Dhyana. The English can be wrestled with, over tea, but rather than be boring let’s call it “meditative absorption free of subject and object.” You know, being in […]

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The art of tea is a method of self cultivation

The art of tea and becoming a cultured human

The art of tea and self reflection One of the practices of the art of tea is self reflection. If we are human we have a capacity for self reflection. Self reflection is a corner stone of being a healthy human. The greater your self reflection the more cultured you become. It is unique to […]

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