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The delicacy of Green Tea requires mindful preparation

Tea, the plant, Camellia Sinensis, is a small flowering shrub that is perhaps the most diverse single plant leaf in the world. You can prepare tea in so many refreshing ways because of its diversity. The preparation methods of the leaf before tea touches the water which will grace your lips results in the different […]

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Nourishing the soul with Dog Head Tribute Green Tea.

The best green tea The best green tea can run up to 3000 dollars a pound. That is out of many peoples price range, that is why I was thrilled to find Dog Head Tribute Tea.  This tea was introduced to me by Jerry-Zhou, whose family has been in the tea business for generations. It […]

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Jasmine Pearl

Unfurl little bud scented Jasmine caressing the mind one sip transports bliss to the tongue two sips takes one straight to heaven! Where have you been between dawn til this dusk suddenly all the waves of Monday’s ocean have grown still with your gift.

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