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Tea as meditation

Tea is a gateway to meditation. In Buddhism it is taught there are six senses. These six senses are taste, touch, sound, smell, sight, and thought. When we drink tea we are engaging everyone of these senses and they become an enriching springboard to meditation. Meditation is settling into our nature and the richness of the world that our nature abides in. At first we will smell the tea, then we will hear the sound of the water boiling, the water meeting the tea and/or the tea being poured, we will sea the rich colors of the tea and the ritual of the serving of the tea.  We will then feel the warmth of the tea in our hands, and finally we will taste the flavors of the tea. Having experienced this, our thoughts are drawn into calmness and appreciation, if even for just a moment. The routine of our busy day is broken into a moment of appreciation.

All of these sense experiences arise from emptiness and return to the empty nature they arose from. This is the meditation experience of tea arising out of its very richness. Tea provides for us a break in our busy modern lifestyle and that break brings us into the moment where we can appreciate our family, our friends, the moment and our nature.

This web page, which is associated with Planet Teas, is about the union of experience, tea and meditation as a means of enriching our life. Sometimes that may be through a cup of hot Planet Chai with a friend, or an exotic single origin tea from a far away plant in a distant land. However the experience arises, we should allow it to bring us into our nature and enjoy it. This site and the postings are then intended to help serve just that.

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