Tea of the Month: Supreme Jasmine Silver Needle

The Holiday season is upon us in the west and we are moving into a time when we have friends and relatives visit and stay with us for conversation and celebration. In China it is common to offer guests when arriving a warm cup of supreme Jasmine tea. Jasmine tea is very refreshing and not heavy, so when you sit down for conversation with supreme Jasmine silver needle tea you can expect joy and happiness.

Supreme jasmine silver needle tea is a delightful drink. It was introduced to the palate of tea drinkers during the Qing dynasty and has been popular ever since. The jasmine flower is a symbol of love and superb offering to the buddha within you, and a traditional offering to the outer buddhas.

The scenting of supreme jasmine tea

There are two authentic ways of scenting Jasmine tea. For good Jasmine silver needle tea, the tea is picked in early spring, so the leaves are not bitter or bold in flavor. Delicate spring leaves will blend well and not overpower the Jasmine flower.   The leaves are then dried and stored until late summer when Jasmine season peaks in the mountains. The flowers are picked early in the morning when dew is still on the leaves. Then the flowers are layered in to the tea. This is a delicate process the result of which is that as the buds open up into the tea leaves, they release the fragrant scent and oil of the jasmine flowers into the tea.

Our Jasmine silver needle tea is scented 8 times over. This is an exceptional amount of work, which creates an unrivaled rich jasmine scent and flavor for your tea experience. Our 8 times scented Jasmine tea comes from Jiu Gens Shan of Ningde in Fujian province. Fujian Jasmine tea is renowned as the best in China. This tea will satisfy even the most refined palate with its subtle flavors and delicious mouth feel. We have a limited quantity available.

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Supreme Jasmine Silver Needle Tea

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