Welcome to Planet Teas


Planet Teas has been producing craft batch chai concentrates since 1999. We sell perfect tea and teasane loose leaf blends, as well as high quality organic teas from around the world. Each tea is hand picked and blended according to the instructions of our Tea Master. They come from organic fair trade sources ensuring that they are free of pesticides and produced on farms that care for the well being of their people.

We honor the ancient spirit of tea by treating every batch of chai we make as a piece of art. Combining organic fair trade spices with organic Assam, Darjeeling, and Nigiri teas and adding a touch of sweetness, the perfect chai to suit your mood is created. Our chai blends are brewed fresh weekly, distributed cold, and brought to you sublime and fresh. We have spent years perfecting the craft of making small batch chai without preservatives to ensure the richest flavors reach your cup. Each spice is ground, mixed, and added at the appropriate time, the tea is dropped in with aspirations of well being and the combination is boiled for maximum flavor. The entire process is done with one thing in mind, your cup and satisfaction. Try anyone of our blends, and you will taste the difference in quality and care.

Every batch is crafted according to the instructions of Dorje Kirsten, a certified ITMA Tea Master. Our master brewer  then ensures that the boiling, steeping, blending and sweetening is done to according to precise methods to maximize the craft of our brewing.